Travel Tips

I’m including below several links to sites that can help plan your trips with a brief description of each. Feel free to let me know of others so I can add them or contact me with any questions!



This is a great website if you’re already in Europe. They list flights to various locations for as cheap as $20 or $30. The main issue you run into with this is that while the flights are super cheap and very tempting, you run into fees elsewhere. They’ll charge you for seat choices, baggage and anything else they can think of. They also have a history of having delays. So, if you don’t mind fees to make things more expensive or delays, plan to travel light and go forth to explore!


This is somewhat of an all in one site that y’all have probably already heard of. But, I think it bears mentioning. We haven’t bought many tickets using this site, but what I do like about it is that allows you to track pricing for flights and it’ll recommend when you should buy. Essentially, if gives you a nice snapshot of all the flights that are out there for you to peruse in one spot.


We have bought several of our tickets here. It could be considered another all in one site, but I have found some consistently low prices here.


We’ve only just started using this site and the one below, but they have a great selection of places to stay and they have some pretty great deals also.

Again, only recently started using this site, but they have a pretty great selection of places also.


We have yet to use this site, but I have been looking at it since I got here. This is a great way for you to find places that are a bit more off the beaten path. The only thing to make sure you check with this is what exactly you’ll be staying in. You can select a whole house/apartment or a private room, which is great. Just make sure if you select a private room that you’re aware of what you’re getting. Sometimes you’ll be getting a private room in a house that the host lives in and you’ll be staying with them in the house. If that’s not the case, then you could be renting one room in an apartment or home that has several other rooms for rent. Pretty much, just pay attention to what you’re renting so you don’t get a surprise later on.



I’ve looked at this site several times and it is pretty great. Short of buying a guidebook, this does just as good a job. You can find just about anything that you’re looking for in whatever area you want to go. For the village we live in, I looked up restaurants in the area and have compiled a list of places we should try while we’re here. For any of the places we are talking about traveling to, I’ve started looking them up here so I can see what it suggests.

This next tip isn’t a link as you’ll have to look for anything pertaining to it in the city you want to visit. Most large cities (Paris, London, Berlin, etc.) will have a pass that you can buy for anywhere from one to three days (maybe more). This is a great thing to look into because these passes will get you free or reduced admission to many popular attractions and will usually allow you to skip whatever line there is as well. A lot of times, you’ll also get discounts to area restaurants or stores and they’ll include a free guidebook for the area. Needless to say, it’s worth looking into as it could save you quite a bit of money.