Harry Potter Studio Tour

Well, this is a bit embarrassing, isn’t it? Sorry for the long pause between my last post and this one. New semester of grad school started up and I’ve been eyeball deep in books for reading. Not a great excuse, but that’s about it. Anywho. This is a post I have been so excited to share with everyone.

To give a small reminder, I was in London in December. One of the most exciting things that I did was the Harry Potter Studio Tour at WB Studios right outside London. If you have never been, I highly recommend going. They have sets, costumes, props, and so many other things for you to explore. I think it was well worth the money to go.

You do have to prebook your tickets and select a time, so I would say you should do that well in advance. I think I booked mine four months before going just so I could have the most times to choose from. You also need to allot between three and four hours to complete the tour. Only a small part of it is guided (the beginning), so I also recommend you get the audio guide. When I booked, I got a ticket that included the audio guide (£5 normally if I’m remembering right) and a souvenir booklet (around £15 in the gift shop). While the tickets were more expensive, I think it was worth it.

In August of last year, I went to the Brussels Exhibition which had the traveling Harry Potter exhibit. There were a lot of similarities between that exhibit and this one, but the studio tour had so much more to offer. While it isn’t necessary to see something like that, I was glad that I had as I had an idea of what to expect at the larger tour.

Honestly, the tour was absolutely amazing. My friend and I had so much fun finding out the facts about the movies, seeing the amazing costumes and sets, and just nerding out a little inside. I think one of the more fun things we did was the green screen photos. We were given robes and took a picture (which we purchased later). It’s a pretty funny picture. I also took the opportunity to “ride” a broom through London. This was also done on a green screen. I didn’t buy the video, but it was a lot of fun to experience it.

The highlight of the tour, though, was the butterbeer. Throughout the years, I have seen recipes for homemade butter beer. I have even tasted some (but never made it). None of them compare to the actual butterbeer they served in their cafe. It was absolutely delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it, which you can definitely tell in the pictures of me taking my first sip (included below).

Overall, what’s not to love about the studio tour? I got to learn more about one of my favorite series, see items from the movies up close, tried butter beer for the first time, and just thoroughly had a good time. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

As a side note, it’s fairly easy to get to the tour also. It is about an hour or so outside London, but there are a few options to get there. We ended up taking an Uber simply because the cost wasn’t that much different from taking the train (when we were there at least) and it was easier for us overall. You can also take the train and then hop a bus from the train station to takes you to and from the studio tour. You can’t miss the bus as it is covered with Harry Potter related things. You just need to check the studio tour site for specific information on how to get there from London by rail.

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